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This is for you. 

It’s been too long since someone’s told you this, so let’s make up for lost time- YOU’RE A BADASS.

I suppose if given enough time, I might be able to come up with a more polished term to use other than badass, but nothing else quite has the same effect. I can’t argue with the fact that you are kind, smart, and important. Actually, I agree with all of those things wholeheartedly. The great thing about ‘badass’ though, is that it encompasses all of those fantastic words and then some…as well as adding a little kick in the pants for good measure in case you were having a hard time believing it today. 

Well – believe it my friend because it’s true. And if you are thinking that the clothes you are wearing today don’t make you feel like a badasswell that would be a clothes problem and not a you problem. That’s the funny thing about clothes – it can feel like we spend so much time stressing over what to wear and then we are still left with an outfit that just doesn’t love us back the way we wanted it to. This is reminding me of a particular high school crush experience…

Moving on.

It is so easy to feel like we are working for our closet instead of having our closet work for us. 

We have a stress-inducing overstuffed closet so we throw more clothes at it to fix the problem. Instead of decreasing our fashion-induced anxiety, it only makes it worse. We have drifted onto an expensive merry-go-round that drops us off at the mall every season so we can buy another blue shirt that isn’t going to solve our problem. (Did I just say ‘mall’? Alright, Kam, let’s usher in the 21st century buddy.)

We can fix this closet problem and make sure it works for you instead of the other way around, but first there is one important point we need to get right: 

You are a badass and an uninspired outfit can’t change that”

Who you are and what you are passionate about are the gifts that you get to share with the world every day and you can do that whether you are smartly dressed or otherwise. 

I never want to try to change who you are through fashion. I want your clothes to amplify and support the story you are already sharing with the world.

I want to provide you with the resources you need to transform your wardrobe from stressful to simple so that you can spend less time in your closet and more time confidently pursuing your passions.

That’s why I began this endeavor and it is the philosophy behind our signature course: Wardrobe Foundations. (When I use the word ‘philosophy’ I feel like I should have a pipe in my hand, but tobacco’s not really my thing…) If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to learn more about what it can do to help you along in your style journey. 

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