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Branding photo shoots can be a little intimidating. There, I said it. No shame. 

They can be intimidating because you know that you are going to use these photos for the next year or more to represent you and your business. We aren’t used to content having a lifespan of more than 24-hrs, so how are we supposed to make sure that we create content during a 2-hr photo session that we are going to want to use for the next year?

One of our specialties is preparing entrepreneurs and business owners for their branding sessions, and here are some of the things that we tell our clients.

These photos need to feel like “you”

The only way that you are going to like your branding photos and actually use them to represent your business for the next year is if they feel like you

This is your business. You put in the hard work to start this thing and keep it going, so who better than you to be the face of it? You know your business and you know who your audience is, so the only task left is to make sure that the outfits you choose align with what you want your business to communicate.

We help our clients by styling them in pieces that feel like them and communicate their vision to their audience. 

Before you make any final decisions about your outfit choices for the session, take a minute to look at each one with a fresh perspective and make sure that you can feel confident in each one. You will feel most confident in an outfit when it feels like you, and that confidence is going to show on camera. 

Choose at least one “Glam” outfit

We always recommend wearing more than one outfit for your branding session, because it is going to give you more variety and you are probably going to end up liking one of them on camera more than the others. 

You can play it safe with your first two outfits, but take a risk with your third outfit. Go for a statement dress with show-stopping heels, or a bold power suit. 

Your big and bold outfit should still feel like you, but channel your edgy side a bit more. The camera has a tendency to play down some of the intensity of real life, so you can go bolder with your makeup and bolder with your style without stressing too much about whether it’s over the top. 

You won’t know if you don’t try, and your glam outfit might end up being your favorite just because it communicates confidence and you feel like the powerhouse that you are. 

Sourcing the glam outfit is a great opportunity to try Rent the Runway or a similar service, because your big and bold show-stopping outfit might not be something that you want to have in your closet to keep on weekly rotation. 

Prioritize the Color and Shade of Your Pieces

The color and shade of your clothing matters a lot for your everyday style, but it matters even more for your branding session. 

First off, colors have the ability to communicate certain messages and these photos will represent your business, so you want to make sure you are sending the right messages. For example, red can communicate intensity and draw attention to yourself, while brown can help your audience see you as warm and approachable. 

The other important consideration regarding color in your outfits, is your personal characteristics. There are definitely certain colors that you are going to look much better in than others and you want to make sure that you’re wearing some of those colors for your session. This is also where the shade of a color comes in, because while a bright royal blue might not be the most flattering on you, a deep navy blue might be just right. 

It’s okay to be Switzerland (Neutrals)

One final thought: you can create some incredible photos while only wearing neutrals. 

Black, white, grey, and brown are all viable options to build your outfits around. Willow exclusively wears neutrals just about every day, and it works great. An all-neutral ensemble communicates stability, ease, and style. 

If neutrals are your go-to color palette, you don’t need to change it up for your branding session. These photos are supposed to feel like you, after all. 

Final Considerations

Before your branding session, put in the time to make sure that your outfits are going to say what you want them to say and help you feel the way you want to feel.

During your branding session, get comfortable and confident – this is your time, own it.

After your branding session, enjoy having a full gallery of on-brand content to drip out over the next year. 

If you want us to help you prepare for your branding session, we can take care of all of the styling for you. See what we can do for you right here, or book a call with us here to talk about how we can work together to get you the best result possible.

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