Your Style WIngmen

“Did you notice her watch?” -Kam
“And those Chanel slingbacks, too. Great style.” -Will

This is our constant topic of conversation. Whether we’re people watching in San Francisco or scrolling our socials, it usually comes back to someone’s style. 

While I (Kam) have always liked style because of how it made me feel about myself, Willow has an entrepreneurial perspective where brand perception is always top of mind. It took us longer than you would think to make the connection between the two, but we figured it out eventually and found our sweet spot at the intersection of brand perception and business fashion.

We can all feel that gap between what a business says they are about and what it looks like they are about. The difference is that Willow and I spend way too much time analyzing the why behind it -“Is it too forced? Would it have been better if she was wearing a silk blouse instead of a linen blouse?” 

As married business partners, these conversations usually don’t take place during normal working hours, but tend to come up during our dinner dates or literally as we are falling asleep (Willow’s usually the instigator for that last one).

All that to say, we are always thinking of new ways to help you tell your brand’s story more effectively through the clothes that you wear. It might not be your first thought when it comes to your brand messaging, but we know that your clients are making subconscious judgments based on it, and it’s probably what Willow and I will be talking about as we are brushing our teeth tonight.

Her experience as an entrepreneur + His experience as a stylist = Branding Stylists

What inspires us?

Bubbly water - Beach days - Tiramisu - Champagne - Saturdays that feel slow for all the right reasons.

Willow's past life revolved around interior design and curating things to look beautiful. She's a type-A creative (if that even exists) and handles everything in the business that requires being on a computer for an extended amount of time. Her biggest flaw is compulsively watching Friends like it’s going to be taken off HBO Max at any moment and constantly forgetting to wear blue light glasses.

meet willow

The behind-the-scenes business director who has an obsession with Manolo Blahnik shoes and is an early adopter of *any and all* tech gadgets.

handshake introductions

He has been putting outfits together since he was 5 years old and loves interacting with people in person (Covid was rough...). He identifies as a brunch connoisseur (Jeannine's in Montecito is amazing!) and stands behind the motto "Any day that includes Champagne is a good day."

meet kameron

Our in-house style expert and creative director who prefers hugs over handshakes and has a soft spot for vintage watches.

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