HEY there business owner,

LET'S GET YOU camera ready

Build trust with your ideal clients by looking like the competent business owner you are - in style šŸ˜‰ 

Your style defines the brand.

Sounds bold? Maybe, but it's true. 

Your clients make subconscious judgements about your style when they see you (in less than 1 second....scary I know) - let's make sure that those judgements align with the strong brand you've built. You've invested in an amazing photographer and you want to maximize the images by having elevated outfits curated *just* for you. 

"They absolutely nailed everything that I had asked for and went way above and beyond."

Everybody had told me that when they had their branding sessions, picking out their outfits was the hardest part of the day. I knew this going in, but I really had no idea actually how difficult it was going to be and I knew that the way I showed up in my images would absolutely matter.

The entire process with Kameron and Willow was topnotch. They made me feel 100% at ease and I never felt intimidated or like I didn't know anything. They were incredibly informational and they educated me throughout the entire process. The biggest benefit of having Kameron and Willow style me can be summed up in one word: confidence. Not only was I able to show up confident to my photoshoot, knowing that I had the perfect outfits picked out for everything I want to represent in my brand, but I also had the confidence of knowing that I was super organized and that all of my outfits were all put together perfectly. It was one less thing that I had to stress about on the day of. I am really excited for these new brand images, and the wardrobe that I was wearing, to attract my ideal client!

- Casey Po, Lifestyle Photographer & Podcast Host


real results


brand audit

We learn about your brand and the clients you want to attract to help us style your outfits.

Outfit curation

We put together 3 full outfits for you based on your preferences with direct links to each item.

Style direction

For each outfit, we explain how to wear the pieces best and the parameters for substitutions.

you're in control

of how they perceive you
+ your brand

Just like you spent so much time and consideration on your logo design, client journey, and offers, you need to be intentional with how you dress when you see your client or industry peers.

We can be your style guides to make sure that your clients' hidden expectations about your outfit are met.

how it works:

and you're ready!


Consultation Meeting

We do a virtual call with you 4-6 weeks before your shoot to ask you all of the details like sizing, shoot location, budget, etc.


We Send You 3 Outfit Options

We put together three outfits and lay it out visually so that you can envision how it will look at your session.


You Order the Pieces

You can substitute items from your own wardrobe to match the recommendations or click the links directly to purchase the items.

We're Experts at Curating Elevated Outfits.


We curate outfits that are in brand alignment using social psychology of clothing. The colors, the fabrics, the fit....it all matters.


You're Someone Who Wants to Look Great.

And feel confident while your amazing personality is getting captured on camera - we can make both of these things happen. 

kamna up-leveled her professional acumen:

"These new brand images will show my up-leveled skillset, professional acumen, and be something that I recognize myself in."

My initial hesitations about hiring a stylist for my brand session were cost and just feeling like I would have to already know exactly what I wanted. 

After working with Kameron and Willow, I felt comfortable to talk more aspirationally about what I wanted to convey. I also realized how much of my wardrobe already does what I was wanting - I'm just not wearing it often enough or feeling confident in the clothes. When they translated what I asked for into outfits, it was awesome to see their vision come to life and really reflect what I had in mind. It also gave me great ideas on how to mix and match pieces.

 The biggest benefit to having them style me was having them put words to my vision and pushing me to verbalize who Iā€™m trying to become out loud. 

These new brand images will show my up-leveled skillset, professional acumen, and be something that I recognize myself in. As I anticipate my brand session now, I feel more confident and excited to show myself off! I feel like Iā€™m armed with great style ideas to take beyond the session and into my professional career as well.

Senior Customer Success Operations Specialist -
Photos by heather curiel

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styling for your branding session

30 minute virtual consultation

Three outfits styled specifically for YOU

Direct links to all sourced items

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Style direction for each outfit

One round of revisions or further sourcing

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