have a style guide to send your clients

have a style guide

to send to your clients

without spending hours thinking about what to say and struggling to make a design that actually looks good enough to print.

it's time to finally

It's time to elevate your workflow, your client experience, and your portfolio. Oh, and save you hours of time! Something that you can automate in your workflow, make your clients feel like they chose the best photographer ever, and ensure that you never have to worry about what your clients will show up wearing to their session. The one thing to accomplish all of that?

the one you've been looking for

this style guide.

created by *actual personal stylists*

You Don't have time for

you don't have time for

Texting back and forth with each client about what they should wear for their session.

Hoping that your clients show up in something good so that you can finally submit a session for publication.

Being overwhelmed by not having a welcome gift as part of your client experience (and wondering if you'll ever get ahead).

Wishing that there was a template that you could customize without having to learn a *yet another* Adobe program. 





from an aesthetic standpoint which is amazing, but content-wise it’s even better. The amount of detail that went into it is insane - I can't wait to print copies out and have them in my welcome boxes for my brides and my couples."

— morgan

"WOW, they really nailed it. There's nothing I would change

the photographer's style guide


Written by *actual personal stylists* who know the in's and out's of an elevated style. A guide that is easy for your clients to understand and will enable you to start growing your portfolio TODAY. We're sharing everything that's included below!

This guide is comprehensive and doesn't leave any details out - from heel height, to men's haircuts, to nail polish colors, to where to get a dress with a slimming fit. We worked with photographers to create a guide that can deliver everything you need to tell your clients all in one beautifully designed package.

Because who has time to learn formatting in Adobe InDesign when you have galleries waiting to be edited in the queue? This guide is delivered to you in a template that can be edited in the user-friendly, web platform Canva - making it a breeze to perfectly customize it to your business's brand. 

28 Pages of WOW

Customizable in CANVA

feature one

feature two

Finally, a style guide written by personal stylists who specialize in everything being elevated. You don't have to worry about what to tell your male clients anymore because we have the details of style for him and her in the guide making you look like the PRO that you are. 

Detailed Style Advice

feature four

Whether you're a wedding photographer needing style advice to send to your clients before their engagement session or if you're a family photographer working with groups of multiple people and kids - we have the guide for you, tailored to your needs and your clients.

Engagement or Family

feature three

Here's What You Get


minimize emailing clients

How does this sound?

photograph  editorial styles

the results you're going to get:

get publication-worthy images

automate your workflow

increase your session prices

How It works

Choose the orientation and graphic design preference for your template and download it immediately after completing your purchase.


Start customizing it to YOUR brand with your images, fonts, colors, logo, etc. You can keep the provided copy or adjust it to sound just like you.

customize in canva

Download it as a PDF and email it to clients or have it printed and include it as a part of your client welcome gift.

share with clients

set the stage

pages included

make a statement

make it yours

set expectations

So much good stuff including brand recommendations for shopping, style tips for him & her, setting expectations about the process with you, etc.

some of the

make it simple.

tell me everything

all the details

hell yes.

customize it to your brand

save $$ on copy and graphic design

enjoy your clients looking editorial

start getting published

It actually made me realize how many things I was missing and forgetting to convey

that now I'm like, “Oh my gosh - thank god, it's all here.” I don't have to remember all of these things because it's in one place. This guide highlights a lot of things that I don't think the average photographer is really sitting and thinking about just because it's not necessarily our area of expertise.

morgan streamlined her workflow

Yes, It Really Works

I could not believe the depth and detail that Kameron and Willow put into this guide.

...it felt like I was going through an experience as I flipped through the pages. It is so comprehensive and full of everything you could ever want your clients to know about their photo shoot or session experience. I actually ended up printing the style guide and putting it into a beautiful Welcome Box for my clients so it feels like an experience for them too.

kristin elevated her client experience

It makes me really happy to think, "One less thing off my plate."

Honestly, it’s embarrassing, but for like the last four years, I've worked on quite a few style guides and I've purchased probably like four templates that I just never got done. I have like a couple unfinished in my Canva, but I just never found the time or I was frustrated with the formatting and having to tinker with it. Mom life, time, and frustration, I guess, is why I never got to get one done, even though I really wanted to. When I opened this style guide, I was like, "Holy crap. This is amazing." This is exactly what I would have envisioned for my clients. The layout was beautiful and I was like, "Wow, my images look good here."

megan finally has her guide (after trying 4 others!)

This is going to save me so much time and really serve my clients!

I really wanted something that was going to serve my clients better as I have been upleveling my business and moving into a new space.  I met Kameron and Willow and was like, “Oh my gosh, they are already experts in this. This is going to save me so much time and really serve my clients so much better because they know what is going to look amazing and photograph well.”  It's full of so much good advice and so many good tips that are going to elevate my clients’ images. I feel like it is going to make a really big difference in my clients’ experience, in their trust of me, establishing expertise, and giving that extra layer of touch and care for them.

Jen doesn't have to be a style expert


I want this one

landscape orientation, refined boho, natural


I want this one

portrait orientation, editorial, modern


I want this one

portrait orientation, whimsical, organic





I want this one

landscape orientation, refined boho, natural


I want this one

portrait orientation, editorial, modern


I want this one

portrait orientation, whimsical, organic




pick your guide

Photograph clients who are dressed in a way that brings high reward — both financially and creatively.

Increase your publication submissions because you finally have galleries that look elevated.

Look the part of an expert in what looks best on-camera and build your client's trust.

Have a clear actionable plan for how to add more value to your client experience (and raise your prices!)

Know what to share and say when your clients ask for style help so you can get on with it.

Be able to attract more high-end clients because your portfolio looks on point.

customize yours now

after buying this guide, you will...

meet Kameron & Willow,


Kameron and Willow are personal stylists who believe that an elevated style is the solution to standing out in a crowded marketplace. As past wedding photographers, they know the sense of dread that can come when you see your clients show up in ripped jeans and vans. Now as stylists, they help photographers build their portfolios and gain back hours of time by communicating the essentials of editorial style to clients.

style approach: Modern Minimalist influenced by Classic European

Can I choose the orientation of my style guide?

Yes! Once you choose the type (engagement or family), you will be able to choose the orientation and preferred graphic layout of your guide before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print the guide to gift my clients?

You can download a "PDF Print" file from Canva and then upload it to a third-party printing company. We've had great success with Magcloud!

What is the word count of the style guide?

It will fluctuate depending on how long your customizable parts are (ie. your welcome note), but the base we provide you with is over 3,000 words.

Will I be able to download the guide immediately?

Yes - once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download the guide.

Can I use the images included in the guide?

The images included in your guide are watermarked because they were taken by some amazing photographers who use our style guide (Kristin Dinsmore, Morgan Stoddard, & Megan Kawahara). You will need to replace these images with your own.

Can I add / remove pages?

Absolutely - Canva makes it very easy for you to customize which pages you don't want because they aren't necessary for your brand or how to add in new pages with more information about your client experience.

Do you make completely custom style guides?

We have found that these style guide templates get you 98% of the way to a product that you can send to your clients, and that you complete the remaining 2% by adding your images and branding. However, if you are wanting a style guide that is completely custom to your brand, your workflow, etc. we would be happy to work with you! Just send us an email here and we'll provide you with a quote.

email your question

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We completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! If you have a question before purchasing, just send it below and we'll give our best, most-honest feedback.

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