HEY there business owner,

LET'S GET YOU dressed
for the year

Looking at your calendar and having anxiety about what to wear for those networking events coming up? We got you 😉 

Your style defines the brand.

Sounds bold? Maybe, but it's true. 

Your clients and peers make subconscious judgements based on your style when they see you - let's make sure that those judgements align with the strong brand you've built. The outfit you wear to those in-person events just got a lot more important, didn't it?

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what it is

An annual plan

Choose the plan that matches the number of outfits you want styled for the year. Pay one price up front and don't think about it again!

custom to you

Through the Brand Style Audit we go through with you, we are able to pick clothes specific to you, your brand + your ideal clients.

when you need it

You can redeem your outfits when it fits your schedule. Want three styled this month? Want one styled every month? All fine!

you're in control

of how they perceive you
+ your brand

Just like you spent so much time and consideration on your logo design, client journey, and offers, you need to be intentional with how you dress when you see your clients or industry peers.

We can be your style guides to ensure that your clients' hidden expectations about your outfit are met.

how it works:

and you're ready!


Choose Your Plan

You choose the plan that fits your business wardrobe needs for this calendar year and pay a one-time annual fee. 


We Send You a Curated Outfit Option

5-10 days after your request, we will send you the digitally-curated outfit option visually laid out so you can see how it all looks together.


Order Your Pieces

Click the links we provide to purchase the exact recommendations or you can always substitute items from your own wardrobe to match the outfits we recommend. 


Schedule Your Brand Audit Call

Book your virtual call with us so we can build out your profile with your brand details, who your ideal client is, sizing, budget, etc.


Request an Outfit 

You can submit a request for one of your outfits any time! In this request, you'll let us know if it's for something specific like an event.

We're Experts at Curating Elevated Outfits.


We curate outfits specifically for YOU that are in brand alignment using the social psychology of clothing. The colors, the fabrics, the fit....it all matters.


You're Someone Who Wants to Look Great.

And you want to feel confident while you're talking to your clients or meeting industry peers. We make sure that your outfit looks great so that the value you bring can shine brightly.

With annual styling,


+ feel confident at every event

+ align your brand + your clients' perception

+ attract more ideal clients

+ get versatile outfits you can use again and again

sound like a dream?

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