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Crafting your brand perception takes a lot of work. 

One tool you might be forgetting is the outfit that your client sees you in. The clothes you wear are either helping or hurting your brand’s perception right now, and we specialize in helping you keep them in alignment. 

We style your outfits for your branding photo session because what you wear will have a long term impact on the perception of your brand and your ability to communicate it effectively. We work with you on a regular basis throughout the year to style you for specific events where you need to make sure that your outfit is going to help you successfully market your brand. 

We’re ready to take care of your business fashion for you so that you can take your brand to the next level.

Business fashion is in flux right now, but that means you have an opportunity to use it to your advantage and stand out. Let’s maximize this opportunity and craft your clients’ perception.


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Kameron and Willow are personal stylists who believe that an elevated style is the solution to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Using their past experience in design, law, and communications, they identify your ideal client’s perceptions and hidden expectations about your style. They provide young professionals and accomplished business owners with elevated outfits that align with their brand and artfully communicate confidence. 

style approach: Modern Minimalist influenced by Classic European

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You've done all of the work to establish your brand and hone your skills....but have you thought about what your clothes say? Whether it's the outfit you picked out for your prospective client meeting or for your annual branding session, you want to make sure it aligns with the expectations of your ideal client.

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The tables got turned and you're not alone in struggling to figure it all out - let's make your business style chic again in 2022.

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